Quantitative Data

The Role of Enhance MPI

Enhance MPI provides analysis of investment providers to assist the judges when they are considering the submissions for Investment Team of the Year. The analysis includes a review of investment performance and risk over a 36-month (January 2017-December 2019) and 12-month (January-December 2019) time period to confirm that investors have not only received good service (which will be included in the written submissions), but also good results.

Enhance MPI provides consistent analysis across all of the service providers through individual portfolio reviews. The results are then summarised for the judges using ’heat maps’ that allow for easy comparison.

The process is designed to allow the service providers to supply the requisite data efficiently, and the judges to be confident that the performance has been appraised through a robust process, ensuring that the award goes to a worthy winner.

Quantitative data questions and assessment (40% of award) for Investment Team of the Year

Part (B)

I. Please provide performance and asset allocation data for the 36-month period (January 2017 to December 2019). 
Download and complete the data submission spreadsheet . The submission should be based on your core multi-asset strategy for portfolios typically over GBP1m (or equivalent in USD and EUR) and on a medium risk mandate (based on the MPI risk ranges).

The performance assessment will be made by MPI using an objective measure based on the past three years data taking into consideration both performance and risk and with particular focus on the most recent 12-month period. 

II. Please include the following details about the investment strategy you have submitted.
a. A description of this strategy and its objective.
b. Any benchmark(s) used by the strategy.
c. The approximate AUM (Assets Under Management) invested in this strategy across all risk categories.

How your data will be used

Data will be collected by Enhance Investment Reporting Limited, who will provide the presiding judges with analysis of investment providers to consider when they are reviewing the submissions for Investment Team of the Year. Please be assured that all data will be treated as completely confidential. 

How to submit your data

The quantitative data section above is required in addition to the 1,100 word narrative and cannot be submitted online. This section must be completed and submitted to pca@step.org no later than midnight on 26 June 2020.

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