Family Business Advisory Practice of the Year

The Family Business Advisory Practice of the Year award recognises a practitioner or team that specialises in navigating the complex issues (and clashes between family, business and ownership dynamics) that arise when families are in business together. Practitioners or teams should focus on advice regarding the competing dynamics of family and business; and not simply on advising businesses (which may happen to be run by families). Your entry should explain the percentage of your total work that this area of work represents.

Entries should focus on the past year only and include the following:

  1. Demonstrate the development of knowledge and practice beyond the core disciplines in a way appropriate to the special issues arising when dealing with the competing dynamics of family-relationships, running business and ownership of that business.
  2. Provide examples of key cases (no more than three) handled over the past year.
  3. Provide examples of the type of approach the practice takes to gain the respect and trust of clients.
  4. Highlight the practice’s range of competencies and knowledge in the family business context; e.g. Qualifications from academic institutes such as the Family Firm Institute, the Business Families Foundation, Family Business United or The Institute for Family Business etc. and any teaching posts, papers written etc.
  5. Demonstrate excellent technical skills and support for continued professional development and education in this specialised field.

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